Tangible and measurable social, economic and environmental benefits

From the idea to the final product

During the lifetime of the LIFE ENRICH project, a broad range of significant outputs and quantified achievements will be delivered in search of the most effective and efficient way to reach the main goal: provide effective and efficient solutions for the nutrient recovery and their further application.

Main outcome

ENRICH business model

determining the best strategy to follow for a profitable production and commercialization of the products made from recovered nutrients

Other outputs and achievements

Treatment and operational train for N an P recovery,

which will anable to recover:


of P (50% as struvite)


of N ot the whole WWTP

Reduction of

80% - 90%

of the emissions associated to the conventional N-fertilizers production

Awareness raising and key stakeholders engagement

Guidelines for successful replication

of the demonstrated value chain in other countries

Reduction of 25% of the N2O emissions

by an efficient strategy
 of fertilizer management

10% reduction of the total OPEX

of the WWTPs, including:


in aeration requirements


in sludge disposal


in maintainance costs related to uncontrolled precipitation

Increased crop productivity,

staying above 110% of the Spanish average

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