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Cetaqua is a model of public-private collaboration that was created to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the water cycle while taking regional needs into account.

Role in the LIFE ENRICH project: Coordination of the project. Design of the P recovery unit and construction of the pilot plant for N and P recovery. Technical support to the operation of the prototype. Economic and environmental assessment. Collaboration on the definition of the business model and replicability strategy.

IRTA is a public research institution, part of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment of the Government of Catalonia. IRTA’s mission is to contribute to modernising, improving, boosting competitiveness, and fostering sustainable development in the agrifood sector.

Role in the LIFE ENRICH project: Characterization of the products obtained from the prototype, blending and validation of the agronomic properties at small scale.

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research, specialized in the fields of engineering, architecture and science. The UPC puts its scientific and technological infrastructure at the service of research groups and centers, researchers and students, professionals, companies and institutions.

Role in the LIFE ENRICH project: Design of the N recovery pilot unit and technical support during operation of the prototype.

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is a public, dynamic, and innovative institution that educates people in order to enhance their skills; researches and generates knowledge, with the assurance of quality, rigor and ethics, in the fields of science, technology, art and business.

Role in the LIFE ENRICH project: Design of the optimal elutriation configuration for Murcia Este WWTP and technical support during operation of the prototype.

Aguas de Murcia (EMUASA) is a joint venture service company, 51% owned by the City of Murcia and 49% owned by HIDROGEA, that manages the water cycle in the municipality of Murcia, serving nearly 445,086 people divided between the urban centre, the surrounding countryside and 54 villages.

Role in the LIFE ENRICH project: Construction of the elutriation configuration in Murcia Este WWTP (real-scale) and operation of the overall prototype.

Aigües del Segarra Garrigues is a private company with an expertise in fertilizing and irrigation systems which mission is to execute land consolidation projects, drafting of projects, execution of works and exploitation of the system distribution network Segarra Garrigues irrigation.

Role in the LIFE ENRICH project: Field test under real conditions (commercial plots) with the fertilizers produced.

Comunidad de Regantes Campo de Cartagena
Aigües de Barcelona

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