Scientific publications

Scientific publications

Use of Recovered Struvite and Ammonium Nitrate in Fertigation in Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) Production for Boosting Circular and Sustainable Horticulture

  • Journal: Agriculture
  • Author(s): Carreras-sempere, M.; Caceres, R.; Viñas, M.; Biel, C.

Study of the operational parameters in the hollow fibre liquid-liquid membrane contactors process for ammonia valorisation as liquid fertilizers

  • Journal: Separation and Purification Technology 
  • Author(s): Reig, M.; Vecino, X.; Gibert, O.; Valderrama, C.; Cortina, J.L

Ammonium Valorization from Urban Wastewater as Liquid Fertilizers by Using Liquid–Liquid Membrane Contactors. In Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactors

  • Journal: Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactors: Module Fabrication, Design and Operation, and Potential Applications
  • Author(s): A. Mayor, X. Vecino, M. Reig, N. de Arespacochaga, C. Valderrama, and J. L. Cortina

Integration of liquid-liquid membrane contactors and electrodialysis for ammonium recovery and concentration as a liquid fertilizer

  • Journal: Chemosphere
  • Author(s): Vecino, X.; Reig, M.; Gibert, O.; Valderrama, C.; Cortina, J.L

Liquid fertilizer production by ammonia recovery from treated ammonia-rich regenerated streams using liquid-liquid membrane contactors

  • Journal: Chemical Engineering Journal
  • Author(s): Vecino, X.; Reig, M.; Bhushan, B.; Gibert, O.; Valderrama, C.; Cortina, J.L.

Recovery of Phosphorous from waste water profiting from biological Nitrogen treatment: Upstream, Concominant or Downstream Precipitation alternatives

  • Journal: Agronomy – MDPI
  • Author(s): Magrí, A.; Carreras-Sempere, M.; Biel, C.; Colprim, J.

Wastewater as a resource for nitrogen recovery

  • Journal: gwf-Wasser
  • Author(s): Dr. Lyko

LIFE ENRICH. Recuperación de Nitrógeno y Fósforo del agua residual e integración en la cadena de valor

  • Journal: CONAMA 2020
  • Author(s): Castro, M.; Gadea, A.; Mena, E.; Barat, R.; Basset, N.

An integral approach to sludge handling in a WWTP operated for EBPR aiming phosphorus recovery: Simulation of alternatives, LCA and LCC analyses

  • Journal: Water Research
  • Author(s): M.Roldána, A.Bouzas, A.Secob, E.Mena, Á. Mayord, R.Barat