LIFE ENRICH; about agronomic and microbiological assessment in IHC2022

Angers (France), hosted this august the 31st International Horticultural Congress (IHC2022), which gathered key stakeholders involved in plant research, industry and education across the entire planet.

Mar Carreras-Sempere, from IRTA (Institute of Research and Food Technologies), assisted the congress with a poster about LIFE Enrich to present “The use of recovered struvite and ammonium nitrate in fertigation in a horticultural rotation: agronomic and microbiological assessment”.

Even though LIFE Enrich got to an end last November 2021, the great results and learnings obtained gave it a transcendence that is still visible at international congresses such as IHC.

This year’s edition of the IHC, which took place from august 14th until august 20th, wrapped more than 12.000 hours of presentations from international research scientists, industry professionals and horticultural students, who presented and discussed their work, innovations and predictions.

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31st International Horticultural Congress in Angers (France)