LIFE ENRICH, presented at the Water Innovation Day

The LIFE ENRICH project was presented at an event organized by the Catalan Water Partnership on February 24th. Adriana Romero (Cetaqua), Project Manager of LIFE ENRICH, presented the project’s results, which ended in November 2021.

Under the title “Water Innovation Day – Digital and Circular Solutions“, this event, held in the World Trade Center building in Barcelona, aimed to promote the transfer of knowledge around the most relevant technological innovations and R&D projects for the sustainable use of water.

The conference represented not only an opportunity to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the water sector, but also an excellent opportunity to meet with other entities and companies in the water sector in Catalonia.

The LIFE ENRICH project has proposed a solution that allows the recovery of nutrients from wastewater and their use as fertilizers. Murcia Este WWTP full-scale assessment showed a potential recovery up to 42% of phosphorus and up to 11% of nitrogen of the WWTP influent along with a N2O emissions reduction of 11% by minimizing the nitrogen load to biological reactors. As a result, analysis showed that it is possible to produce a high-quality struvite in compliance with the EU Fertilizers Products Regulation (2019/1009 CE) and meeting TOC, metal and pathogens limits and ammonium nitrate free of metals and organic micropollutants.