LIFE ENRICH will be presented at 3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference 2019

One paper from the LIFE ENRICH project has been accepted at the 3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference (IWARR) 2019, which will be held on September 8th to 12th in Venice (Italy). The paper will be disseminated through oral presentations during the event.

The paper, drafted by Cetaqua, is titled “Nitrogen up-concentration from mainline and sidestream effluent in WWTPs for fertilizer valorization“. This work assesses the technical and economic viability of activated clinoptilolite (natural zeolites) as an alternative way to remove nitrogen in WWTP and reduce the carbon footprint of this process.

The IWA Resource Recovery Conference 2019, which celebrates its 3rd edition, has as the overall theme of the conference “Resource Recovery from Water – from concept to standard practice “. The conference builds upon the foundational work done by the IWA cluster for Resource Recovery from Water, and the previous conferences held in Belgium (Ghent, 20 l 5) and the United States (New York, 2017). The strategic objective of the conference is to highlight the importance and showcase opportunities for embedding resource recovery as a key consideration in urban water management.