LIFE Multi-AD, LIFE ENRICH & WalNUT: building synergies for resource recovery in wastewater

On May 12th 2022, LIFE Multi-AD organized a networking with the objective of building collaborative networks to move along in the sustainable use of the resource found in wastewater. Cetaqua, Water Technology Centre, with its LIFE ENRICH and WalNUT projects, participated in the meeting, where they shared the technological improvements of each project.

LIFE Multi-AD, through anaerobic processes, is carrying out an effective and efficient valorization of the organic matter present in industrial effluents through the production of biogas, while WalNUT is working on the recovery of the nutrients present in the wastewater for the production of biofertilizers and LIFE ENRICH on the recovery of both Nitrogen and Phosphorus contained in the wastewater.

It is worth noting that the three European projects are developing synergistic technological solutions that will allow, in a future, the agri-food industry to advance in strategies on resource efficiency within the framework of production models under Circular Economy.

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